Cell Phone GPS Tracker with Activity Recognition

Turn your cell phones to GPS trackers and track your vehicles, field staff or company fleet!

EverTrack recognises user activities (Rest / Walking / Driving) to set the optimal location report interval.

EverTrack record trips automatically without interaction.



Track your Team on Mobile and PC

Don't matter where you are you can track the location of Team members in real-time.

Use your PC to follow your Team from the Office or Track them on the Go with a simple smartphone app.

Scheduled GPS Tracking in Work Hours

Thanks to Scheduled GPS Tracking your drivers will never forget to start reporting at morning and their private life is protected after work hours.

Live Tracking can stop automatically after the preset time interval so they can be sure that nobody will be watching them after work hours!

Scheduled GPS Tracking Tutorial Video

Automatic Triplog / Logbook
with Mileage (IRS / HMRC / ATO)

EverTrack automatically detects driving and record trips travelled by vehicle. 

*Logbook feature will available soon.


Manage your Account from PC or Mobile

Add new Users and Manage your Account from PC or Mobile.

With EverTrack's "Account Manager" options you can Manage your Account from anywhere, anytime, don't matter that you are in the Office or on the Go.


Wireless Temperature Monitoring with RuuviTag

EverTrack GPS Tracker app is compatible with RuuviTag Wireless Temperature Sensor.

With RuuviTag you can monitor the Temperature any of your assets or vehicles.

EverTrack receives the temperature data and sends it to our server and for real-time temperature monitoring.

Tutorial Videos for Temperature Monitoring

Guard Plugin - Rock-Solid Tracking without Crashes and Stops!

EverTrack's "crash-free" user rate is over 98.7%, but we would like to offer continuous tracking of all of our members, regardless the phone's manufacturer, model or Android version.

If EverTrack app somehow crashed or stopped by system EverTrack Guard Plugin will restart the app immediately if it's installed on the device.

Install Guard on all your devices for the Best Performance!

Track your Fleet via Cell Phones!

Get EverTrack app to Create your Fleet now!