Manage Vehicles and Assets with "Hard-wired" GPS Trackers

CorvusGPS Tracking System supports a wide range of traditional "Hard-wired" GPS trackers.

We offer you solutions for tracking Containers, Vehicles or Field Staff at the same time on the same map.

Buy a tracker online, install it on any unit, add to your CorvusGPS account and you are ready to go!

Check out how easy it is to configure and add a tracker!
Hard-wired GPS Trackers for Assets and Vehicles

Vehicle Trackers - Accurate and hassle-free tracking 24/7

After installing GPS trackers into your vehicles you can easily manage your fleet with CorvusGPS Tracking System.

A well-chosen high-quality traditional GPS tracker is easy to install and can ensure accurate tracking 24/7.

If you would like to buy high-quality GPS trackers for affordable price, contact us.

GPS Trackers for Vehicles

Hibernating Asset Trackers up to 1000 days of Battery Life

Asset Trackers are designed to manage and protect valuable assets.

If stationary, Asset Trackers send location reports only few times a day and offer up to 1000 days of battery life.

Installation of asset trackers are quite easy, no special skills needed. Configure the devices, place it in or on your assets and you are ready to go.

GPS Trackers for Assets

Long-standby Personal GPS Trackers

Personal GPS Trackers are offering flexibility in workforce management.
With personal trackers - you can manage your workforce in real-time.

Seeing the positions of your employees allows you to optimally organize their work or help them if needed.

Personal GPS Trackers for Field Staff

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