Online GPS Tracking Software

Real-Time GPS tracking Software to Manage your business Easily


With our Online Tracking Software you can follow your vehicles, company fleet, workforce, mobile phones and family members in real time on a simple Map. Our tracking software display on the Map the actual position, speed, direction and you can also see many other useful detail like address, altitude, battery state, etc...

Real-Time Online GPS Tracking Software

Automatic Position Update

While using our GPS Tracking Software, you don’t need to refresh the locations again and again, you can turn on the automatic update feature and the software will update the positions automatically. Just enter to the tracking software, select the GPS tracker or Mobile you want to follow, turn on the auto update feature and you will see the real time location of the selected device. 

  Automatic Position Update

Routes from the Past


Routes from the Past

Our GPS tracking software can display tracks also from the past. You can easily search for routes from the past and analyze it. At this moment we store all of your data minimum for 5 weeks.


Create Groups

With creating groups you can check the last position of all your vehicles or workforce at the same time. This feature helps you to manage your workforce, saving time and energy. You can create as many groups as you want so for example you can make a private group for your family members which visible only for your family, another group for your fleet and a third one for out-of-office workers which is visible for managers in the back office.

  Create GPS Tracker Groups

Event List

At the bottom of the screen there is a panel you can open that contains the event list. The event list show all of the most important information of each point displayed on your map. With checking this list you can easily find important information you were searching for. When you don’t need the list you can easily hide it to enlarge the size of the viewable map.

GPS Tracking Event List


Selectable Map Providers


Selectable Map Providers

In the GPS Tracking Software’s “Advanced options” tab you can select from different maps from the most popular map providers like Google and OpenStreetMap. You can also switch to Road, Satellite or Hybrid view with one click without reloading the displayed location data. 


EverTrack App - Track Mobile Phones

Our GPS Tracking Software compatible with number of traditional GPS trackers, but you can also track Smartphones after our application EverTrack was installed to the mobiles. The EverTrack is an app developed by CorvusGPS makes GPS tracking much more easier than tracking with traditional GPS trackers. Log in to your account, send out an invitation. After the invitation was accepted and EverTrack was installed to a smartphone you can start tracking the mobile in real-time.

  Support Mobile GPS Tracker app

Invite Users in Email


Invite Users and Mobile Tracker Users easily

Do you need some other user who can supervise your fleet or workforce? Do you want to track other people? You can easily invite users join to your account and you can share any group with them to supervise it. The invited users will only see the groups you shared with them. Mobile Tracker Users also can be tracked with their mobile phone if EverTrack app installed to their smartphones.


Colored Pushpins

Pushpins displayed on the map have different colors depending on the speed of the device. Thanks to this feature you can easily notice when a driver is riding too fast.

  Colored Pushpins

System Notifications



The system send notifications about the most important events to notify the user as soon as possible.  At this moment the SOS message is the only event which cause notification in the system but other important events will coming soon. The notification feature momentarily not supported for all of the different GPS trackers.


System Messages

You can easily send a message to us if you have any problem, question or idea with using our internal “Messaging” system. We will answer for all of the messages in a short time and fix the problem or help you to solve it. Users in the same account also can send messages to each other keeping contact in that way. When a message has arrived to the system it notifies the user instantly with the help of the mail icon at the top right corner of the screen and they can also receive a notification in email.

  System Messages

CorvusGPS DeskMap Desktop Mapping Software


Desktop Tracking Software

For using our GPS tracking software a browser is not a must. We also have a desktop application called DashMap to make the user experience better. Why the DashMap app more comfortable? Many people have a lot of open tabs, running plugins, installed toolbars in the browser which cause smaller map view and slower browsing. With installing our desktop application you can start the software with one click, you always have the maximal size of your screen and maximum speed. Download the desktop application here: CorvusGPS DeskMap App for Windows...


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