Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Reefers and other Vehicles

Do you have to deliver properly cooled goods to your customers?
Wireless Temperature Monitoring via RuuviTags is the solution you are looking for!

Temperature Monitoring helps smart companies to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction quickly.

Monitoring the Temperature of your Assets or Reefer trucks is easy, you only need a Sensor and an Android phone nearby with EverTrack app installed.
Wireless temperature monitoring for fleets.

RuuviTag - The Wireless Temperature Sensor

RuuviTag Wireless Temperature Sensor communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol (BLE) and operates from a single CR2477 battery for a few years.

The sensor measures Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure and transmits the information up to 500 meters.

No pairing, No connecting, No special skills, No hassle needed to get it started!
RuuviTag features and specs

EverTrack - The Monitoring app

EverTrack app automatically detects the sensors in range and reports live temperature data to CorvusGPS Tracking System.

Drivers can check real-time temperature data on their smartphones locally.

Dispatchers can monitor live temperature from the office online or on the go if they sign in to EverTrack on their mobile.

How easy is to add a RuuviTag?
EverTrack - Temperature tracking gateway for RuuviTag.

Live Temperature with GPS Location

All temperature reports can be displayed on the map, including accurate GPS location of the tracked unit.

Group mode helps you to track the whole fleet on the same map simultaneously.

To check the live temperature of your vehicles, assets or sensors, you only have to select it on the map.

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Temperature data for each location report.

History Map - Check the Temperature at any point

EverTrack automatically detects travelling and starts reporting the location of your vehicles when a trip started.

During the trips, each location report includes the actual temperature measured by RuuviTag. 

We store 3 months of temperature history so you can check on the temperature at a specified location and/or at a specified time.

Continuous temperature monitoring.

Line Charts - Analyze and Control Temperature

Our Tracking System can display the temperature history on a line chart.

You can drag and zoom in to analyze the details and changes at the selected time interval.

Temperature charts.

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